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Our services

Site Evaluation

We determine if you are a good candidate for solar and assess the condition of your roof and surrounding vegetation to determine the best place for your solar system.

System Sizing & Design

Based on your current and prior energy consumption, as well as solar availability we determine how many PV modules will help you reach your energy goals, whether you are looking for the best return for your money or are looking to zero out your electric bill completely.

Financial Considerations & Incentive Qualifications

There are several federal and local incentives that help make solar more affordable and incentivize prospective customers to make the transition. We will help determine which ones apply to you and utilize them in a way that is most advantageous to the homeowner. We work with special solar financing options that also help make solar more accessible for certain clients.

Product Education

There are thousands of  PV manufacturers when it comes to modules alone. We focus on finding you the best products with the utmost reputations and highest longevity in the industry, with an emphasis on domestic products.

Acquisition of Proposals & Bids

We represent numerous Solar installers in SB and Ventura County and help you do the research to find the contractor that serves your needs the best. We also work with local roofers and can provide you with the new roof that you have been waiting for. If you need to re-roof anyway have us explain the tax advantages of integrating solar and saving thousands in the process.

Project Management & Support

We help facilitate your relationship with the contractor of your choosing and provide support on both ends.

Testimonials & Partners

  • Working with Santa Barbara Solar Consultants (SBSC) was such an elegant process and experience. SBSC explained things in a language we could understand and they answered all our questions quickly and fully. When we had additional questions, they got back to us right away. As we moved forward with this project, SBSC continually checked the progress and in checked with us to explain each stage and to answer any additional questions. We knew very little about solar panels other than that they were a “good idea.” SBSC explained the advantages and the draw backs of going solar. They showed us the savings we could have had, and more importantly, they showed us the savings we now expect to have. We are impressed with SBSC and have already recommended the company to several friends.
    Jach Pursel & Enrique Dominguez
    Santa Barbara Residents
  • Santa Barbara Solar Consultants are extremely knowledgeable about the solar industry and provided multiple competitive options for our needs - all of which showed how the system would not only pay for itself over a relatively short period of time, but would save us a significant amount of money over the life of the system.  All while being fully educated about the value of solar to the environment.  We highly recommend Santa Barbara Solar consultants.
    Neil Levinson
    Santa Barbara Resident
  • Robby and the whole team were very professional.  They completed everything they had promised to us, and after every day of work, they always left the work site very clean. I especially appreciated that they painted everything new to blend in with our house. Another bonus was, after the final installation and inspection, the local electric company gave us the okay to use the solar system within one week!  We are thrilled watching our electric dial spin backwards, even with two refrigerators, pool pump and desert cooler going full speed. It was a pleasure working with Robby and the team, and I would recommend them to everyone.
    photo 5
    Mike & Sandy Hardin
    Palm Desert Residents
  • Robby answered all my questions, and there were many.  He explained all the different options, giving me the knowledge to make the right choice.  And it worked.  Our bill in August was down by 92.7% from the prior year.  His dedication was proven through the many three hour trips needed to visit our home and help us through the process.  And dealing with the city and our HOA was all handled by him and went smooth as could be.  The final installation was done with perfection, unfortunately, not seen very often these days.   I wouldn't trust this job to anyone else.
    Rob Yarak
    Ladera Ranch Resident
  • Working with SB Solar Consultants made the whole process of converting over to solar energy a breeze. They are extremely knowledgable and very helpful in answering the thousand and ten questions I had. I couldn't imagine any better way of going about it. Thanks guys!
    Alex Merriman
    Business Owner

Working for you

We do all the work for you, from finding what solar structure is best, to the contractor that puts it in place.

We do the research

We investigate the best path for getting you solar ready. From gathering correct measurements and placement ideas to finding the best PV manufactures.

Achieving your vision

We’ll work hard with you to bring your wants to a reality with the best solutions we find fit for your needs.

Increase your savings

We’ll work hard at saving you money from getting you the best rates on contractors to finding you government funding on energy efficiency.


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